Asha has developed considerably in recent years, in terms of scale of service, quality of the systems and care delivered. There is a remarkable increase in attendances at health education sessions and ‘well being’ activities which is also the result of a conscious focus on preventative works by Asha in recent years. Health promotion and preventive ‘Well being’ activities play an important role in improving health status and health seeking behaviour, self-care, reducing risk and ultimately reducing some of the requirement for curative care. Findings from our consultations with stakeholders particularly with target groups and government have clearly indicated this need too. Asha needs more space to do this well and also to ensure that children and families attending for ‘well being services’ are not exposed to avoidable infection risks by being mixed with sick children attending for treatment. Therefore, Asha has started a construction of two new buildings and renovation of existing one. A beneficiary of Asha (a pregnant woman) laid out the first stone for the new buildings in August 19, 2010.

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