20 August 2013

The National Workshop on “My Family is My First Right” was another series of campaign, children’s right to Family. In coordination with the Civil Society Alliance for Child Rights in South Asia (CSACRSA) project of CWSN, the workshop was organized by the SAAGN alliance partner, Child Nepal on 18th – 19th August 2013 at Kathmandu. The main objective of the workshop was to make government agencies to be sensitized on the child rights issues and to promote advanced and positive change in the implementation of policies and legislation and also to make discussion on the Thematic Areas of Violence Against Children of SAAGN Consultation.  There were all total 66 participants from different sectors like governmental offices (National Human Rights Commission, Central Children Welfare Board, Ministry of Education etc.), non-governmental offices (CWIN, INSEC, UNICEF), Child Rights Activists, Legal Professionals, Media Persons and the representatives from other SAAGN members as well.

Mr. Krishna Subedi, the Chairperson of Child Nepal had facilitated the workshop whereas the Child Rights Officer/CWSN, had highlighted the necessity of such workshop, SAAGN, its objectives and ongoing campaign too. Mr. Mahashram Sharma, the Joint Secretary of the Ministry of Education, was the Chief Guest of the workshop who had committed to work for the child rights protection. The Child Rights Advocacy Officer/CWSN and other Child Nepal’s staff had taken the responsibilities of programme management.

There were all together five paper presentation on the five different thematic areas like Child Marriage, Trafficking, Sexual Abuse and Exploitation, Corporal Punishment and Child Labor. All these had focused on the present situation of children, cause and effects, recommendations and the role of the government and other stakeholders for the better future of the children on the basis of the previous mentioned topics. All of the participants actively participated in the program along with their remarkable comments, suggestion and commitment regarding the child rights. At the same time, Mr. Khim Raj Bhushal,  the Section Officer of Ministry of Women, Children and Social Welfare Nepal informed about the new policy of government regarding the budget for the children who are in need.

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Discussion on the PresentationPaper PresentationPaper PresentationBanner of the WorkshopThe Child Rights Officer (CWSN) Highlighting About the Necessary of Workshop

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