12 March 2013

CWSN conducted CDK management training for the management committee members on 9th-11th February, 2013 through JYOTI Street Project. Children's Development Khajana (CDK) is a children's bank run at JSP under technical support from Butterflies, India. The main focus of the training was to make the committee members familiar about CDK rules, money management, transaction rules of CDK and many more. Besides these, CDK facilitator and collector also provided life skills to the trainees. They used different facilitation modules like skit role play, quiz contest etc in the training. There were altogether 22 (12 girls) participants arrived from 11 different organizations in Pokhara. Participants involved in different roles as directed by the facilitators. Some participants won prizes by guessing theme of skit role play, by doing best act and by answering on quiz contest.

Management of CDK is run by children themselves in close guidance of Adults. It has its executive board known as CDK management committee made up of chair and vice chairpersons, secretary, treasurer and the members.

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