12 March 2013

CWSN conducted a 3-day Child Journalism and Child Rights training for street and working children, and the young people of Child Clubs dated from 18th-20th January, 2013. The objective of the training was to make the children aware and capable to raise their voice and influence the concerns through their Children's magazine "Bal Srijana" going to be published soon. Children themselves collect texts for the magazine that makes them creative and builds team spirit.
The programme was facilitated by CWSN's former Advocacy facilitator whereas, various other JSP staff helped in arranging logistics. A total of 18 (10 Girls, 8 Boys) participants from consortium partner organizations and CWSN attended the training.  At the end of the program, an executive committee was formed to take the responsibilities of magazine publication. All the committee members were happy getting this opportunity.

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