15 February 2013

CWSN conducted two day training on child rights for Local Self Government Authorities on 17th and 18th of January 2013 in Palpa. Backwardness Eradication Society (BES, an NGO) Palpa, locally coordinated the training that aimed to educate the local self-government authorities about the rights of children.  It helped them become more accountable in child concerned matters and strongly advocate about child rights. Out of 27 participants, 20 were local self-government staff and secretaries from different departments such as Village Development Committee, District Development Committee, District Child Welfare Board, District Public Health Office etc. and the rest of the members were from national alliance partners.

Besides this, the Police Personnel in Kathmandu also got child rights training on 30th and 31st January in Kathmandu. Similar to other, this training had an aim to make the Nepal Police Personnel fully realize their roles in child protection and juvenile justice system, especially in protecting the rights of the children who come into contact with law either as offenders, victims, witnesses or as dependents of their parents who are in jail. A total of 30 members, 27 police personnel of various ranks and 3 from alliance partners took part in this event. The training was organized in close coordination with Magna Carta Center (an NGO working in advocacy of children).

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