11 September 2012

CWSN conducted a 2 days' workshop in Chitwan which was divided into two events. The workshop was conducted during 20-21 August, 2012 and 22-23 August, 2012 for the first and second group respectively. The participants of the workshop were the partners of local alliance in Nepal formed under Civil Society Alliance for Child Rights in South Asia (CSACRSA). CWSN is the lead organisation of the alliance in Nepal. There were altogether 65 participants who were representing alliance partner organisations, National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) and Butterflies India. The workshop enabled participants to identifying ways to improve the child rights at family level.

Regional Director of National Human Rights Commission and Director-Programmes of Butterflies, India also shared some of the exclusive examples on child rights in other parts of the globe. Moreover, the programme was focused on active involvement of the participants so as to collect their opinions. They put forward the issues of child rights, stakeholders affecting child rights and the role of organizations to protect child rights during the programme. At the end of workshop, the participants prepared their advocacy plans for the upcoming National Children's Day and International Child Rights day.

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