01 February 2015

2 days ECD (Early Childhood Development) refresher and 2 days art trainings were conducted for the 29 facilitators of 21 ECD centres (14 old and 7 new centres) on the last week of January. The ECD training was about the introduction of ECD and its wholistic teaching approach, such as areas of child development, roles of the facilitators, introduction of visual time table and to use of locally made teaching materials. As there were some newly appointed facilitators, the training was also designed to focus them. A professional ECD trainer was hired for the training.

Another training organized was the art training for the facilitators. The main objective of the training was to help facilitators to empower with the knowledge and skills of art to implement in the classroom and make it child friendly. Similarly, the children will also get the opportunity to play with colours and can also decorate their classroom with the drawings and paintings. The art trainers used the crayons, water colour and the colour papers to make different drawings. Besides facilitators, 2 staff from the JYOTI Street Project also participated in the art training.

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