Eshan, son of Lal Subba and Nandasiri is a small child of 3 years. Once he came to his maternal house in Nagidhar. During his stay in his maternal home, he was taken to Nagidhar ECD center for some days. Interestingly the child enjoyed the care and playing in the centre that he refused to return his own house in the village where there was no ECD center. Though the boy was very small, he mixes up well with his friends and is always interested to do the activities in the center. His mother said, “Eshan does all the activities at home what he learns in the ECD center. It makes us very happy. So, we are leaving him with his maternal grandparents to continue his learning in Nagidhar ECD center.” It is really inspiring that the small kid of 3 year happily left his parents to learn more in the ECD centre.

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