Arun Tamang of 13 from Chhelang once broke his right leg while playing football. He was then taken to the DCHC where he was given a primary treatment. The treatment in the center was not sufficient and his parent's were advised to take the boy to the hospital. But the problem aroused when they were not convinced to go to hospital for his complete check up. As a result, he did not get any improvement and started to walk on aid which went on until for 2 weeks.His family was counseled again for the disability that he might face which would affect his life in futurefor not getting treatment on time. Despite difficulties,the competent health workers of Asha were finally able to convince his parents and they were ready to get their son treated in Asha Clinic. After examining the boy he was then referred to WRH where he was diagnosed as a case of ‘fracture right tibia’. On time plaster and proper care for the boy helpedhim to become totally well after a month. He also showed ability to walk to his village on foot without any support. He also started to play football with his friends again. It is indeed not easy to counsel his parents and ask them to go for the treatment. However, the health workers showed their ability in counseling and saved a boy who could have been disabled in future getting to his happy life.

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