Deepa who is originally from Baglung (a district in western Nepal) is a graduate (batch-VI) of computer secretarial trade of JVTC. Her father died when she was only 9 months old. When she was a child she had an accident and the right side of her head, ear and eye including her left hand were seriously damaged. She lost her hope when her mother left her. Luckily some people from her village referred her to JVTC. While she was in the training centre, Asha Health Care of CWSN supported her treatment (a reconstructive surgery) in Kathmandu Model Hospital. Prolonged follow up visits to Kathmandu was not easy for her during the training period. She could not make many friends in her early days but soon everyone at JVTC loved Deepa because of her helpful and friendly behaviour. She used to help her friends and house mothers in field and household work. She was also a hardworking girl in thertarde and successfully completed heertow year course at JVTC despite several hurdles. Nowadays, she is working in a firm called Luxemberg consultancy in Kathmandu. She earns NPR 7000 per month as salary and is very optimistic about her life.

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