Roshan Gurung, a two and half year old boy of Bhachok was enrolled in the Bhachok DCHC about a year ago. A busy timetable for his parents to work in the fields prevents them from looking after Roshan during the day time. Therefore, every morning at 9 o'clockRoshan travels about 45 minutes waling distance to reach DCHC on his brother's back. Likewise, when DCHC closes at 3 pm, he waits for his brother for an hour (his brother's school closes at 4 pm) then again he rides as before all the way back to home. According to his attendance records, he has nevr been absent in DCHC. It is not easy for both of them to make such a journey regularly. At that tender age, they are trying hard for their education and helping their parents work in the fields. All facilitators and social workers are impressed with these chidren's amazing commitment. His brother has also been a role model for elder siblings in the village caring for younger ones.

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