Babita, 3 years old from Pokhara, came to Asha Clinic with her mother with a complaint of recurrent chest infection and fever. On growth monitoring, it was found that she was also severely malnourished. The baby’s mother was counselled about nutrition and the importance of weight in growing children. She was advised about different sources of ... Full story

Chandra Kumari Gurung, from the Bhachok village, has a small son of 4, Sujal. He is the youngest among her 4 children and a student at Bhachok ECD centre. It was known that her husband went abroad to earn for the family, but for last few years, he is out of contact. Chandra is raising her ... Full story

Shankar, a 13 year old boy came on the street all the way from Surkhet (a town in Far Western Region) in 2009. Despite he loved his family members, he left his home because he could not bear the physical punishment given by his father, a retired army personnel. The main reason for the punishment was ... Full story

Ganga 23 was born in Indrapur, a remote village in Midwestern Nepal. She is an orphan who had miserable childhood and so was cared by one of her relatives. She was referred by the organization called Janajagaran Samaj Banke, a local Non-governmental Organization. At the time Ganga joined JVTC, she could not even write her name ... Full story

Parvati Lama, 22 lives in Pokhara Bus Park and originally from a remote village in Makwanpur district of Central Nepal. She got married in her early age of 15. A small cloth shop near Pokhara Bus Park is the only source of income for her family of husband and 2 children. She delivered her first two ... Full story

Eshan, son of Lal Subba and Nandasiri is a small child of 3 years. Once he came to his maternal house in Nagidhar. During his stay in his maternal home, he was taken to Nagidhar ECD center for some days. Interestingly the child enjoyed the care and playing in the centre that he refused to return ... Full story

Govinda is a 17 year old ex-street boy from Narayangarh (a city in central region of Nepal). His father is a labourer and he has a step mother. Becuase of the quarrels and violence in his home, the little boy fled from his home and joined the streets of Pokhara. Not surprisingly, he also indulged himself ... Full story

Deepa who is originally from Baglung (a district in western Nepal) is a graduate (batch-VI) of computer secretarial trade of JVTC. Her father died when she was only 9 months old. When she was a child she had an accident and the right side of her head, ear and eye including her left hand were seriously ... Full story

Roshan Gurung, a two and half year old boy of Bhachok was enrolled in the Bhachok DCHC about a year ago. A busy timetable for his parents to work in the fields prevents them from looking after Roshan during the day time. Therefore, every morning at 9 o'clockRoshan travels about 45 minutes waling distance to reach DCHC on his brother's back. Likewise, when DCHC closes at ... Full story

Arun Tamang of 13 from Chhelang once broke his right leg while playing football. He was then taken to the DCHC where he was given a primary treatment. The treatment in the center was not sufficient and his parent's were advised to take the boy to the hospital. But the problem aroused when they were not ... Full story

Other Stories of Change

27 April 2015

A deadly earthquake has hit Nepal, destroying homes, roads and infrastructure and claiming over 5 thousand lives till now. The children particularly are in danger after this ... Read more

04 February 2015

CWSN organized its 15th AGM on January 31st 2015 in its premise. Out of the total members ... Read more

01 February 2015

2 days ECD (Early Childhood Development) refresher and 2 days art trainings were conducted for the 29 ... Read more

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