Water Project

During the planning phase of building a early education and care centre in Rabaidanda (January 2000), it quickly became apparent that restoration of an existing water supply was a priority for the villagers. This existing system was in a state of collapse. Therefore, CWSN decided to make several changes to upgrade the water supply to Rabaidanda and the neighbouring villages.

The work for the rebuilt water scheme was completed by the end of May 1998, when the formal opening of the new scheme was followed by an all-night celebration. The resultant rebuilt water supply serves seven villages and in excess of 2,000 people.The total cost was just under US $ 10,000, sponsored by the Action Asia Foundation in HK.A second smaller water project was implemented in the village of Saimarang in 2001 providing 32 houses, and approximately 160 community members with clean drinking water.

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